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We've Begun Shipping Limited Edition Nymi Bands to Our Developers!

Posted by partclay on Oct 14, 2014 6:58:00 PM

 Are you a Nymi developer looking to finalize and test your application with the Nymi BandTM? We’re announcing a new process that will place you in a queue for one limited edition Nymi Band!

To get your name in the queue so that you can finalize your persistent identity applications, simply record either a video or a walkthrough of the application you’ve built using the Nymi Beta SDK and Emulator (A.K.A the Nymulator) and share it either on the Developer forums or send it into dev@bionym.com. Everything you need to get started is here: Dev.GetNymi.com

Balaji Gopalan, our Director of Platform, wants to remind developers that our Beta SDK has “simple but powerful code that enhances applications instead of interfering with a developer’s vision.” Our Nymulator also lets developers start building applications or integrations with existing applications immediately.

We’ve begun manufacturing and testing Nymi Bands off the production line and have also shipped limited edition Nymi Bands to partners and key developers that have built applications using the Nymulator.

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One of these partners is Brivo Labs. They’ve used the Nymulator to create a frictionless access control system that unlocks doors with a person’s Nymi-authenticated identity – without keys, fobs or badges. They are now testing their app with a physical Nymi Band.

Here’s a video of their integration:

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We are continuing to build the Nymi Band ecosystem with the support of a vibrant global community of developers and we are engaging directly with them via private and public hackathons. By sending out these limited edition Nymi Bands to our developers, we can work to create a growing ecosystem of applications and integrations that will be available to our preorder customers.

We’ll be sending out more information on the next steps of the shipping process to everyone who preordered a Nymi Band in the coming weeks.



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