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Nymi Band Discovery Kit Shipments and Updated Nymi Beta SDK Bring It All Together for Developers

Posted by partclay on Dec 23, 2014 8:04:00 AM

This is a very big week for us here at Nymi.  The Nymi Beta SDK and the Nymulator have been available for free download since this summer, and while there are hundreds of Developers all around the world building unique and useful Nymi-Enabled Applications, many have told us that they're eagerly waiting for an actual Nymi Band to be in their hands before finalizing and commercializing their projects.

Well, that day is finally here!  The Nymi Band Discovery Kit ships this week.

But that's not all!  Today, we have released a brand new update to the Nymi Beta SDK  to introduce a number of important improvements to the developer experience, based on all the feedback we've received:

  • First, the SDK features under-the-hood library changes that will need to be incorporated for applications to work with the Nymi Bands shipping this week.
  • We've introduced a new turbocharged authentication framework for the Nymi Band that we call Strong Find.  This will help devices and applications recognize previously provisioned Nymi Bands faster, for an improved secure End User experience.  Head over to our Dev Portal  for details on the new API and how to incorporate it.

You will need to modify your Nymi Enabled Applications to work with the new SDK. We’ve added a second parameter in the nclProvision() call:

NclBool nclProvision (int nymiHandle, NclBool strong)

To have your application work exactly as before, simply add an NCL_FALSE parameter to all your nclProvision() calls. To learn more about how to implement and make use of the Strong Find authentication, head over to the forum post here.

  • Finally, the SDK update brings a complete revamp of the Android library and sample code to bring them more in line with Android best practices, something many of you have been asking for.  On our Forum you'll find instructions on migrating existing Android Nymi-Enabled Applications to the new framework.

The shipping of the Nymi Band Discovery Kit and the introduction of the updated SDK together take us to the next step in our Developer offering, bringing our vibrant, growing community the tools necessary to make Persistent Identity an everyday reality.

Also - If you have already received your Nymi Band Discovery Kit, we've released Nymi Band firmware to V1.0.3, and encourage you to go to got.nymi.com/update to apply the update on your end. The update improves performance with the Nymi Band Discovery Kit and should be applied at your earliest convenience.

Here is: How to upgrade Nymi Band firmware (final)** No longer available.

Comments?  You can find us at dev@nymi.com or on Twitter with the hashtag #NymiDev.



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