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Unboxing The Nymi Band Discovery Kit

Posted by partclay on Jan 18, 2015 9:26:00 AM

This is your first chance to have a look inside the Nymi Band Discovery Kit. We've begun to ship the Nymi Band Discovery Kit out to hundreds of developers so that the Nymi Ecosystem can continue to grow.

The kit allows developers to create and test Nymi enabled applications using the SDK in advance of the official launch of the product. That means more applications and a better experience for future Nymi Band users

We have put a lot of thought and time into making sure the Nymi Band Discovery Kit is an unforgettable experience. We’d like to share this experience with everyone.

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Share  your photos and videos of your experience with the Nymi Band Discovery Kit via our social media channels (FacebookTwitterGoogle+). We’re excited to hear about your first experience with the Nymi Band Discovery Kit.

We’ll be sharing more videos about the Nymi Band and its software – so stay tuned to our blog.

Would you like to build with the Nymi Band? Purchase your Nymi Band Discovery Kit at Shop.Nymi.com

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