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The Mac OS X Nymi Companion Is Now Available - Users Can Start Developing!

Posted by partclay on Feb 24, 2015 3:55:00 PM

Nymi Companion App Mac OSX Now Available

We have a big announcement for our Mac users!

The Mac OS X compatible version of the Nymi Companion is now available for Nymi Band Discovery Kit developers. Our international community of developers can now use their Macs to activate their Nymi Bands and start building. We appreciate everyone’s patience as we continue to ensure the Nymi Band is compatible across various platforms.

You can download the Mac OS X Nymi Companion now at Got.Nymi.Com

Starting building with Mac OS X by downloading the SDK at dev.nymi.com/getting-started/

The Nymi Companion is the “screen for your Nymi Band”. It is used to activate your Nymi Band, manage applications that have been authorized to your Nymi Band, update Nymi Band firmware, enhance your biometric profile, and to delete your user profile.

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If you’ve already created your Biometric Profile with the Nymi Companion on a Windows device, make sure you’ve deleted your profile before setting up your Nymi Band with the Nymi Companion on Mac OS X. At the moment, the Nymi Companion can only save your profile on one device at a time. You can read more on how to delete your existing profile in our FAQ.

Make sure to stay tuned for upcoming news about the Unlock App for OSX and the Android Nymi Companion App release coming soon.

Would you like to start building with the Nymi Band? Purchase your Nymi Band Discovery Kit at Shop.Nymi.com

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