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Two new Nymi Applications are now available: Nymi Companion for Android and Nymi Unlock for Mac

Posted by partclay on Apr 23, 2015 4:42:00 PM

The Nymi Companion for Android is now available on Google Play

The Nymi Band’s first mobile Nymi Companion App is now available to download.

Nymi Band Discovery Kit owners can now use their Android phones to activate their Nymi Bands. We appreciate everyone’s patience as we continue to ensure the Nymi Band is compatible across all platforms.

You can download the Android Nymi Companion App for Android Lollipop and Android Kit Kat at Got.Nymi.com on your Android phone.

Start building now with Android by downloading the SDK at Dev.Nymi.Com 

The Nymi Companion is the “screen for your Nymi Band”. It is used to activate your Nymi Band, manage applications that have been authorized to your Nymi Band, update Nymi Band firmware, enhance and manage your biometric profile.

Important Note: At the moment, the Nymi Band can only be linked to one Companion Application. If you’ve already set up your Nymi Band with a Windows or Mac Nymi Companion, you will need to delete your profile before using the Nymi Band with your Nymi Companion for Android. Instructions on how to do this are here: https://nymi.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/204405175-How-to-delete-your-profile-from-the-Nymi-Companion

Supported Devices:
Nexus 5, Samsung Galaxy Note III, Samsung Galaxy Note IV, Samsung Galaxy S4, Samsung Galaxy S5, Nexus 7, Samsung Galaxy Tab and other Android devices running OS 4.4 (KitKat) and OS 5.0 (Lollipop) with BLE enabled.

You can now unlock your Mac with the Nymi Unlock Application for Mac

Now, instead of using your password to securely enter your Mac, you can use your Nymi Band. Once the application has been set up and your Nymi Band has been activated, simply press Enter on your login screen to gain access to your Mac.

The Nymi Unlock Application for Mac can be downloaded now at Got.Nymi.com/#apps

The Nymi Band support’s OS X Maverick and Yosemite. Computers must have Bluetooth Low Energy.

We’ve improved the HeartID Algorithm

The Window Nymi Companion V.1.3.0 and the Mac Nymi Companion V.1.3.0 have new improvements to the HeartID Algorithm that will result in the better recognition from your Nymi Band.

Our Machine Learning Team has been hard at work making improvements to our biometric algorithms as a part of our ongoing commitment to create a secure and seamless experience with your Nymi Band.

Here are the instructions to get the improved HeartID:

  1.     Do not un-install your previous Nymi Companion
  2.     Download the Nymi Companion from Got.Nymi.com. Run the installer.
  3.     To take full advantage of HeartID improvements, you will need to delete your old profile, and record a new ECG profile. For more information read here: https://nymi.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/204405175-How-to-delete-your-profile-from-the-Nymi-Companion
  4.     If you’ve previously set up your Nymi Band to unlock your PC, for security reasons, you will have to authorize your Nymi Band again after you create a new ECG profile. Launch the Nymi Unlock application. You will be given instructions for revoking your previous authorization. Launch the application again to authorize your Nymi Band.



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