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Partnerships and The Nymi Band Core Experience

Posted by partclay on May 25, 2015 4:28:00 PM

Those of you who have been following us for a while know that it has been an exciting ride for Nymi. We released the Nymi Band hardware (the Nymi Band Discovery Kit) to developers last year with a few applications, we announced some partnerships including Mastercard as well as some of the major Canadian banks and made a shift in our immediate priorities to better address identity and access needs in the enterprise space.

Today, Nymi is focused on two major priorities, both of which are aimed at making the Nymi Band and its functional ecosystem as broad and useful as possible.

The first is what we call the Nymi Band Core Experience.  Think of this as the foundation that we've been building, that all applications (ours and our partners’) and our dev community rely on for functionality, simplicity and security.  This experience includes things like the Nymi Band hardware, our patented biometric identification algorithm (HeartID), the Nymi Band Firmware, SDK (the most recent version being the Android SDK with new APIs), Companion Applications (which now support iOS and Android) and all the other resources found at the new dev.nymi.com.  We've spent the better part of this year testing, collecting feedback on and improving those elements of the Core Experience, expanding their functionality and making building a more robust platform that will be easier to use for everyone from devs to end-users.

The second major initiative at Nymi is around Partnerships.  We already have some great partners and are actively looking to broaden our reach through new partners who understand the value of secure, continuous authentication.  For Nymi, partnerships can mean many things:  a business who sees how the Nymi Band could increase convenience and security for their employees, a product or service that could benefit from secure, passive authentication or even another company who wants to integrate some of what the Nymi Band’s core features into their own wearable.

For the back half of the year, you can expect us to make some exciting announcements around those two priorities as we continue to bring our vision of secure, continuous authentication to life. We look forward to sharing those stories with you in the coming months.


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