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Nymi and Entertech Partner to Unify Physical and Logical Access in the Enterprise

Posted by partclay on Oct 13, 2015 4:08:00 PM

We are excited to announce the formation of this partnership, whereby the Nymi Band will be combined with Entertech's enterprise identity platform, BioConnect, for pilots launching this fall. The full press release can be seen below:

Nymi™ and Entertech Systems™ are excited to announce the formation of a new partnership focused on access to both physical spaces and logical systems within the enterprise. This partnership will combine Entertech's enterprise identity platform, BioConnect, with Nymi's secure and continuous wearable authentication device, the Nymi Band™. The efforts of this partnership will be demonstrated in a set of pilots launching this fall, whereby the Nymi Band will be used by employees at participating companies to access floors and office spaces, central security rooms and server cabinets, and to lock and unlock computer terminals.

The participating companies span a variety of industries including online social networking services, professional services, and data centers. These organizations currently leverage Entertech's BioConnect platform for physical access control to the most critical areas of their facilities. Participants of these pilots will use the Nymi Band for biometrically authenticated access to secure physical areas, as well as logical access to Windows and Mac-based workstations.

As a part of these pilots, employees will authenticate to the Nymi Band using HeartID™, Nymi's proprietary biometric technology that verifies a user's identity based on their unique cardiac rhythm (or ECG). The NFC-enabled Nymi Band will allow users to open doors and access server racks, simply by tapping the wearable device against an existing BioConnect-enabled Suprema reader. Participants will also be using Nymi Lock Control, an application that will allow them to lock and unlock their Windows or Mac computers without the need to enter a password. At the conclusion of these initial pilots, the participating companies will explore additional integrations with Nymi and Entertech's technologies. Additionally, a set of access control manufacturers will be taking part in pilots, seeking to explore applications of the technology with access control software for current and future customers.

"We're very excited to announce this partnership as we see Nymi as an emerging leader in the 'Bring Your Own Identity' (BYOI) movement," said Rob Douglas, Founder and CEO of Entertech and their BioConnect enterprise identity platform. "Like the desire to use your own laptop or mobile device at work (BYOD), personal biometrics give individuals control over the biometric, allowing them greater privacy and convenient one-size-fits-all use to company property, both physical and logical. We see a world where the individual decides use of a personal biometric in the workplace. What was missing is the platform to help enterprises translate true identity information connected to the world's existing access control infrastructure, and that's why we created BioConnect."

Karl Martin, Nymi's Founder and CEO, explains, "As Nymi continues to build-out its value proposition within the enterprise space, the addition of physical access capabilities to our expanding logical access applications is an important development and we're happy to be partnering with Entertech to launch the first pilots that will test unified access with our wearable device."

Entertech's BioConnect is the platform that allows its customers to leverage tomorrow's BYOI (Bring Your Own Identity) solutions with today's world via physical access control. It has certified integrations with 20 of the leading access control manufacturers in the world and allows system administrators to manage biometric credentials that must be passed back and forth between devices, applications and systems in order to verify a user's identity.

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