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Beta Release of SDK 3.1, Nymi Lock Control, and Other Important Updates

Posted by partclay on Feb 25, 2016 9:02:00 AM

We are pleased to announce the beta release of SDK 3.1, available today for Android, Mac, and Windows. This is accompanied by the release of Nymi Lock Control, an updated application for computer lock management, as well as an update to the Nymi Band’s firmware.

What’s New in SDK 3.1?

The beta release of SDK 3.1 ships with significant improvements to the Nymi Band developer experience. Specifically, this update includes:

  • A new JSON API, which will allow you to write applications for the Nymi Band in your desired language
  • An improved programming interface for easy and intuitive coding
  • Updated sample code to guide you as you write applications
  • Other under-the-hood improvements that will provide you with a smooth and robust developer experience

Ready to download SDK 3.1 Beta? Follow the links below to download the right API for your desired operating system.

You can also find links to our sample apps and documentation on our developer page.

Note: An update to firmware 1.8.1 is available for your Nymi Band. If you have not already updated your Nymi Band’s firmware, you can download and perform the update on your Nymi Companion app.

Information on App Migration

Given the significant protocol improvements included in SDK 3.1, it is not possible to port code from SDK 2.0. To benefit from these SDK enhancements, and for your applications to work with the latest Nymi Band firmware, your code must be rewritten with the SDK 3.1 beta release. With an entirely new infrastructure and code language flexibility, we are confident that you will have a positive experience writing applications for the Nymi Band with this updated SDK. Should you have any questions as you rewrite your code, do not hesitate to reach out to our dev team online, or by email.

Introducing Nymi Lock Control

Nymi Lock Control is the newest version of the application previously called Nymi Unlock. As with Nymi Unlock, your Nymi Band can be used to unlock your computer, without having to enter a password. Nymi Lock Control ships with an updated UI, a smoother setup experience and better error handling. Additionally, developers can experiment with new features (currently in beta), including the automatic locking of your computer when you are out of range. Nymi Lock Control is available today for Windows and Mac, and can be downloaded here.

Nymi Band Developer Kit: Holiday Sale

The dev community is a key part of Nymi’s story, and we’re always intrigued and excited by what applications are being built for the Nymi Band. While you can continue testing your applications using the Nymulator, we’re offering a special discount on the Nymi Band Developer Kit. To celebrate its 1 year anniversary, the Discovery Kit is available today for only $99 (regular $149). This offer is valid through December 31st, using the promo code XQ56475RK6NG. Visit shop.nymi.com to take advantage of this offer.

Thanks again for your support. We look forward to seeing what we can build together in 2016!

The Nymi Dev Team

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