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Four Questions with Hanieh Bastani

Posted by partclay on Feb 25, 2016 9:08:00 AM

Learn more about Nymi’s SDK and the importance of our developer community from Hanieh Bastani, Software Engineer and Manager of Developer Relations and Roadmap at Nymi.

1) Tell us more about the Nymi SDK. What’s included and what can someone do with it?

The Nymi SDK is the software interface to the Nymi Band. Using the Nymi SDK, a developer or service provider can securely authenticate a user who is wearing (and authenticated to) their Nymi Band. It doesn’t end there; the Nymi Band can also generate cryptographic assets that support public key cryptography, symmetric encryption, and tokens for two-factor authentication. An app can tap into these resources using the SDK. The SDK is completely free, and we’ve also developed a Nymi Band simulator – appropriately termed “the Nymulator” – that lets developers test applications if they haven’t purchased the Nymi Band Developer Kit. Of course, if people want the full experience, they can buy the Nymi Band Developer Kit to test their application with our beta hardware.

2) When it comes to wearable authentication technology, how important are developers and the developer ecosystem?

The wearable market is in a nascent state, and for it to mature, it relies on inputs and integrations from early developers. Their experiences and contributions, such as in the form of open source solutions, become vital for building a healthy and mature ecosystem, which in turn is critical for the long term success of a platform. We need to look no further than the mobile platform as an example of this.

Here at Nymi, we work very closely with our developer community, and we use their feedback and experiences to iteratively improve our SDK and hardware. Building an SDK for a complex product like the Nymi Band is not an easy job, and we’re thankful for the patience and cooperation of our awesome developers!

3) What Nymi Band use cases or applications excite you most?

I’m really looking forward to using my Nymi Band to further unify physical and logical access, and I think end-users will appreciate this as well. Not only would that allow me to do away with a lot of passwords (without compromising security), but I can also leave my keys at home. As the Nymi Enabled Application ecosystem expands, this will make the utility of the device that much greater, something that I’m extremely excited about!

4) What are some of the cooler applications you’ve seen developed or discussed for the Nymi Band?

Apps around customization of shared physical spaces are an interesting application. The idea is that, in a smart physical space co-habited by multiple persons, you can tune various parameters based on who is present. As a person walks into a smart space, their Nymi Band would be used to securely and reliably pull up a profile of their preferences. I think we’ll be seeing this as the software and sensors of the smart home become more elaborate.


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