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What’s New at Nymi: RSA Conference 2016, Website Relaunch and Other Brand Updates

Posted by partclay on Mar 8, 2016 9:13:00 AM

In our ongoing mission to simplify and secure authentication in the enterprise, we have successfully integrated three enterprise use cases - physical access, logical access and contactless payments - into the Nymi Band, slated to launch later this year. Learn more about this development, along with others, in the update below.

RSA Conference 2016
Last week, Nymi exhibited at RSA Conference 2016.  We collaborated with NXP Semiconductors - provider of the Nymi Band’s NFC components - to demo physical access, logical access and contactless payment capabilities in a single solution. This demo represented an important milestone for Nymi as we seek to expand and build upon the stack of applications for the Nymi Band.

Hanieh Bastani, Nymi's Software Engineer, demoing logical access at the booth

New Video: Nymi Band in the Workplace
When we introduced the Nymi Band Developer Kit (December 2014), we published a video that illustrated the product’s potential at large. This video earned over 500,000 views, and today, we are excited to announce a brand new video that builds upon our initial vision, and adds focus to the Nymi Band as an enterprise authentication device. Watch ‘The Nymi Band in the Workplace’ to see how the Nymi Band will transform the authentication experience.

Website Relaunch
We are proud to announce the relaunch of nymi.com. Our new website reflects our company’s vision to transform authentication in the enterprise space. It includes significant updates to our product and developer pages, and introduces new information, case studies and resources. Experience all of this and more at nymi.com.

Develop for Free: Nymi SDK
Interested in developing for the Nymi Band? Want to work with us to expand the ecosystem of Nymi Enabled Applications? Our SDK allows you to write applications right away for Android, Mac, and Windows platforms (iOS coming shortly). Developing for the Nymi Band is completely free, so be sure to check out our developer page to learn more and get started.

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