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4 Tips for Improving your ECG Reading

February 18, 2015

The Nymi Band is the only wearable that uses your heart’s unique signature to confirm identity....

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Why We Haven’t Released the Nymi Band to the World

February 09, 2015
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Nymi targets enterprise opportunities with pilot launches underway

February 04, 2015
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How Does The Nymi Band Fit?

January 28, 2015

How’s that Nymi Band feeling on your wrist? A little snug? A little loose? Or just right?

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Expansion of the Nymi Beta SDK - We Want Your Input!

January 21, 2015

Happy New Year, Nymi Dev Army!

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Unboxing The Nymi Band Discovery Kit

January 18, 2015

This is your first chance to have a look inside the Nymi Band Discovery Kit. We've begun to ship...

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#GotNymi: Unboxing the Future of Identity

January 16, 2015

As most of you have heard, we’ve begun to ship out our Nymi Band Discovery Kits to developers...

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The First Nymi Band Walkthrough

January 15, 2015

Now that our developers across the globe have begun to receive the Nymi Band Discovery Kit, and...

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What Happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas – Not When the Nymi Band Is at a Hackathon

January 12, 2015

Our Nymi platform team was at the AT&T Developer Summit this past weekend, to evangelize the...

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Nymi Band Discovery Kit Shipments and Updated Nymi Beta SDK Bring It All Together for Developers

December 23, 2014

This is a very big week for us here at Nymi.  The Nymi Beta SDK and the Nymulator have been...

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