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Biomanufacturing World Summit 2017

Posted by Geoff Oliver on Nov 28, 2017 10:44:00 AM

On November 13th and 14th, the Nymi team was onsite at the Biomanufacturing World Summit in San Diego. Similar to the show we attended in Berlin (see that post here), this latest show was a mixture of keynote speaker sessions and having one-on-one conversations with thought leaders in pharmaceutical manufacturing. This format meant that we were able to both demonstrate the Nymi solution, but also gain insight as to where the industry is heading, and what it will take to get there.

Though there were many topics discussed over the two days, the most prevalent one across multiple speaking sessions, was the need for improved operational performance as a way to increase quality, become more agile, and improve cost containment. It was discussed that embracing new technologies would be an integral part of making this happen.


It’s at this inflection point that professional services companies, like Nymi, have to ensure that the latest innovations we’re bringing to market not only look to answer the challenge of Industry 4.0 but do so in a way that best helps ease the potential burden of the transition. Seamlessly integrating with the current technologies, while simultaneously setting our partners up for success in the future is something that we need to be conscious of as we implement our solutions.


The Nymi solution is ideally suited for a vertical like pharmaceutical manufacturing, where strict regulatory compliance to tracking genealogy, serialization in the supply chain, and having a safe, secure method of managing user access to areas of the facility to support RABS, are all necessary components along the manufacturing chain. Layer on creating a state where a user is always authenticated (vs. point in time authentication, i.e., usernames and passwords) and you have a complete solution for compliance, security, traceability and efficiency that is unbeatable for data accuracy and integrity.  


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