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The Nymi Band Discovery Kit – What It Is And What It Does

Posted by partclay on Dec 9, 2014 5:10:00 PM

One thing that gets us all very excited at Nymi is the idea of our customers using and experimenting with final production Nymi Bands. We’ve put a lot of thought and effort into them, so when we see Nymi Bands in the hands of supporters, we can’t help but get excited.

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We Are Now Nymi!

Posted by partclay on Dec 3, 2014 5:17:00 PM

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Want to Be a Part of the First Ever Biometrically Authenticated Wearable Payment Pilot with the Nymi Band, MasterCard, and RBC?

Posted by partclay on Nov 3, 2014 5:21:00 PM

As you may have heard at Money2020 today, we announced that we are doing a payment pilot later this year with MasterCard and RBC, along with other issuing banks. The trial will see a new prototype Nymi BandTM tied to a MasterCard Credit Card for payment. The pilot project will take place exclusively in Canada before the end of the year.

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We’ve Begun To Ship Nymi Band Discovery Kits

Posted by partclay on Oct 14, 2014 6:58:00 PM

Those of you who have been following along with our story have seen the Nymi Band go from conception to creation. Today we mark a massive milestone – we have begun to ship Nymi Band Discovery Kits out to our developer community. That means that Nymi Bands are now out in the world, being used to build and finalize awesome applications.

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We've Begun Shipping Limited Edition Nymi Bands to Our Developers!

Posted by partclay on Oct 14, 2014 6:58:00 PM

Are you a Nymi developer looking to finalize and test your application with the Nymi BandTM? We’re announcing a new process that will place you in a queue for one limited edition Nymi Band!

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Our First Two Public Hackathons Last Weekend Saw Awesome Applications Built For The Nymi Band

Posted by partclay on Oct 10, 2014 7:32:00 PM

A big part of building our developer community and the Nymi ecosystem is the participation of the platform in hackathons. For those of you who are not familiar with the term, hackathons are marathon-like events for developers that focus on building applications and presenting or integrations in a constrained environment, in a race against the clock.

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We Are Making It All About Nymi Developers At Dreamforce 2014

Posted by partclay on Oct 8, 2014 12:12:00 PM

We are gearing up for a big presence at Dreamforce 2014 next week in San Francisco.

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We've Closed $14M Series A Financing From Ignition, MasterCard and Relay Ventures

Posted by partclay on Sep 24, 2014 12:16:00 PM

This morning we are pleased to announce that we’ve closed our Series A funding. Ignition Partners and Relay Venture led the funding, with other investors including Export Development Canada (EDC), MasterCard, and Salesforce Ventures, salesforce.com’s corporate investment group.

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First Nymi Hackathon Gets Devs Building

Posted by partclay on Sep 12, 2014 12:26:00 PM

Getting the Nymi ready for launch requires a lot of time and hard work from everyone on the team - sometimes even our friends, families and supporters help pitch in. Last weekend we were all able to put the Nymi through a major step by hosting our first private Hackathon. We brought in local developers to build applications for the Nymi. It was awesome to see the things the developers were able to bring to life in such a short amount of time.

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